Core Principles

 Parent Mentoring

Teaching the Tools to Overcome Trauma

Prescriptive Academic Learning 



Parent Mentoring

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Our dedicated parent mentor works diligently to help each parent in our Rising Hope Academy family. She assists parents in areas such as making medical appointments, applying for various development programs, or locating specialists for the particular needs of our students. She also assists our parents with their own needs, ranging from transportation assistance, to mental health services for help overcoming their own traumas they have experienced. Parent stability is crucial for long-term family healing, so we make it a priority to support them.

At Rising Hope Academy, we intentionally teach our students how to manage stress and anxiety. Because 69% of our students have experienced multiple traumatic events, we teach students how to identify their emotions and give them tools to process their feelings. We practice breathing exercises everyday in class, have a calm room to allow students time and space to process emotion, and we teach students personalized strategies that equip them to address their individual needs. In addition, we partner with multiple agencies to provide counseling, occupational therapy and mentoring for our students.


Teach the Tools to Overcome Trauma

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Many of our students are grade levels behind their peers, due to the impact of the trauma they have experienced.

In addition, many of our students have learning needs closely related to dyslexia. In order to meet the needs

of our students, we test each student upon enrollment in reading and math and administer a dyslexia screening.

We then comb past school records to note any patterns in learning and attendance, speak with previous schools,

and have a meeting with each parent to investigate the academic history of each student. Each student is placed according to their needs in Response to Intervention.

To measure progress, each student takes a nationally normed test, given in September and again in April.

Prescriptive Academic Learning