Our Beginnings

Rising Hope Academy began as a small church school serving 17 students. Many of the children we served had difficulty processing and expressing emotions appropriately. This greatly impacted their abilities to learn. 


We began to search for a school model to address social and emotional needs. We reached out to multiple agencies, learning of the work of Nadine Burke-Harris and the Adverse Childhood Experiences study. 


Soon thereafter, we connected with Jim Sporleder and learned of the trauma-informed model he used at Lincoln High in Walla Walla, Washington. Mr. Sporleder generously sent resources and spoke with

our team about this model.


Since implementing this model in the spring of 2018, we have seen tremendous growth in our students' abilities to regulate their emotions.

This has led to overall socio-emotional well-being and academic gains.  


Our Present

Rising Hope Academy is in its second year of operation and has experienced great growth in our student population. We currently serve fifty students on average, but with our populations' transiency, approximately eighty students cycle through our program per year. To date, we have served over two hundred children, aiding in family relations and academic progress. 

Additionally, we are now housed in a new schooling facility, where we are blessed to have new classrooms and an outdoor playground for our students. 

Our Tomorrow

We have several bold goals for the future of Rising Hope Academy.

We hope to bring more instructors on board, including instructors qualified to service special needs populations.  


We find that many families in crisis need long-term mental health services, and we are working with partner agencies to ensure that these services are provided. In order to fully realize that part of our program, we are seeking funding to bring a full-time social worker on staff.


We are so grateful for our many partners who help support us and pray that we continue to build relationships with agencies who specialize

in areas of need for our children. We believe God has a plan and

a purpose for our students. We are humbled to walk with them through the process of their healing.